Future Fibre Strategy

Launched in 2011, our Future Fibre Strategy details a 30 year planning window for our fibre sourcing. The strategy outlines our plan to address a potential gap identified in our future fibre supply.

A number of events prompted the necessity of the strategy, including the 2009 bushfires, the global financial crisis impact on Managed Investment Schemes local to Maryvale, and ENGO concerns raised regarding native regrowth timber harvesting.

We actively engaged with our stakeholders so that we could shape the most environmental, social and economically viable long term fibre sourcing strategy so that we can continue to make premium paper and packaging products for our customers with less impact on the environment.

With the commissioning of the Recycling Plant at Maryvale Mill in Q1 2015, up to 80,000 tonnes of paper traditionally destined for landfill will be diverted to the recycling plant and can generate around 50,000 tonnes of premium recycled papers.


Under our Future Fibre Strategy, we are committed to:

 - Continuing to engage with all of our stakeholders, recognising that sustainability is an ongoing journey

- Supporting third party investment in a significant plantation wood resource for our manufacturing operations in Gippsland

- Supporting the local paper recycling industry, and reducing local landfill volumes by sourcing Australian waste paper

- Supporting the local hardwood sawmilling industry by continuing to process low grade regrowth wood generated by timber harvesting and sawmill residues

- Supporting both the PEFC and FSC® chain of custody and forest management certifications

- Maximising the proportion of our wood from forestry operations that are PEFC and/or FSC® certified

- Encouraging VicForests to pursue dual PEFC and FSC® certification

- Growing demand for Australian made certified paper

- Growing demand for Australian made recycled office, printing, envelopes and stationery paper.