Waste & Recycling

Australian Paper is committed to managing waste responsibly.

We’ve found innovative ways to reuse or recycle our waste which have improved environmental efficiencies and reduced our costs and we use a defined waste hierarchy to minimise waste.

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The main types of waste generated in the manufacture of pulp and paper are recovered fibre waste, degraded fibre waste, pine and eucalyptus wood fines and bark and sewer and effluent water treatment sludges. We don’t consider these materials as waste and much of it is recovered for use in composting, soil conditioning and to make potting mix.

Other waste that can be recycled or recovered is also generated throughout our organisation, such as paper and packaging, plastics, steel, oil, and batteries.

Since the establishment of the Maryvale Mill Waste Reduction Committee in 2013, six waste streams that would have gone to landfill have been eliminated.

A proportion of waste that can’t be recovered or recycled inevitably ends up in landfill.

For more information on our waste management activities, read our 2013 Sustainability Report.