Sustainability at Australian Paper means ensuring that we work within a responsible framework that not only minimises our impact on the environment, but aims to incorporate best practice when it comes to sourcing our fibre and effectively managing our air emissions, energy, waste and water

A responsible framework that not only seeks to provide a positive and safe working environment for our employees, but really aims to contribute a positive social and economic impact in the communities in which we operate.  

We invest in areas of the business that will allow us to continue to provide customers and consumers with environmentally and socially responsible premium quality papers that are manufactured right here in Australia.  


Our sustainability initiatives in recent years include:

Australian Paper also contributes significantly to the national, state and local economies. In a study commissioned, we found that $754.4 million of value (including flow-on) was added to the Australian economy and we directly and indirectly supported 5,928 full time equivalent jobs. 

This demonstrates our commitment to the economic sustainability of our organisation as well as the communities in which we operate.