Corporate Governance

Paper Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Australian Paper (AP) is a private company owned by Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd (NPI). Financial reports are annually audited and statements are lodged with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in accordance with the Corporations Act (2001).


Our Board

The Australian board of directors includes AP Chief Executive Officer, AP Chief Financial Officer, NPI Representative Director and NPI Tokyo based directors. The Australian board of directors is comprised of five males and one female.

Each director is required to complete a declaration stating their interests and make a standing order under section 192 of the Corporations Act (2001).

Board meetings are held up to four times a year providing  committees an opportunity to highlight areas of concern or relevance and manage any conflict of interest.


Our Committees

An Executive Committee is a subset of the Board and is comprised of two executive directors and one NPI representative director. An Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E) Committee reports to the Executive Committee and the Risk and Compliance Committee.

The structure, scope and reporting regime for all committees, including member accountabilities and responsibilities, is set out in Australian Paper’s Board Charter and Risk Management Framework. Risk & Compliance Committee and OHS&E Committee member composition is decided by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of subcommittee members.

NPI directly assesses the board’s economic, environmental and social performance.



Risk Management

Australian Paper has established a company-wide risk management process in accordance with the ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines. This process is set out and governed by a Risk and Compliance Committee that is responsible for reporting areas of risk throughout the business. Areas considered as risks are:

  • Groups (financial, insurance, legal and strategy)
  • Operations (mills and sales/marketing)
  • IT and technology
  • Human resources
  • Safety, health, environment and community.

The Risk and Compliance Committee meet quarterly. Summary findings are reported to the Executive Committee, Internal Audit and Board of Directors.


Code of ethics

Australian Paper is committed to being a company in which we:

  • Strive to be a safe, positive and preferred place to work
  • Commit to improve our individual and team performance
  • Build our organisational capability and uphold high standards
  • Uphold the highest level of integrity
  • Meet customer and shareholder needs and expectations
  • Ensure fair and transparent decision making where our employees can be heard and accept that the best solutions may come from different levels of the organisation
  • Commit to being a highly regarded corporate citizen
  • Caring for the environment
  • Positively work with local communities and stakeholders.


Communicating with our employees

At Australian Paper we believe that honest communication is paramount to our success.

Our CEO and communications team are responsible for keeping staff informed about all areas of the business including production, financial performance, market related updates and other external matters of interest. In order to do this we utilise various communication channels – through electronic, face-to-face and hard copy means - on a regular basis.

Briefings are also provided to trade union officials who represent our employees.